Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt - Department of Smart Systems Technologies

Sensors and actuators are the interfaces between the physical and the electrical world.

Our research covers various aspects of the measurement chain ranging from the physical sensor and actuator effects, conversion to/from electrical signals, analog signal conditioning to digital signal processing, frequently within a "smart sensor” or "smart actuator”.

Role and Key Contribution

Sensor Design and Optimization

  • FEM Modeling
  • Robust Optimization
  • Signal Processing
  • Prototype Construction

Near Field Sensor Technology

  • Capacitive Technology
  • Magnetic/Inductive Technology
  • Soft Field Tomography Robot Sensing

Simulations of physical effects and robust optimization of the systems are also of major importance.

Furthermore, we are also interested in transducer interfaces such as wireless communication between passive (no batteries, no mains) sensors and base stations.




Robot Sensing

Autarkic Wireless Sensors and Internet of Things

  • Low power sensor effects and signal processing
  • Energy Harvesting
  • Wireless Communication
  • Electronic Device Descriptions

Measurement Uncertainty and Reliability

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