Technology Areas

Power Electronics

In an increasing number of applications, electricity is substituting fossils to cope with global warming. Those applications and their electronic devices must be of highest efficiency. Therefore new high energy efficient electronic devices with higher power density are required in vehicles, energy supply, etc. now and in future. Embedded software boosts the performance and energy efficiency.

Material in Electronics

Ideal combinations of different materials used for electronic components are challenging further miniaturization of electronics and/or are influencing reliability. Decent knowledge about material and material combination surfaces and interfaces are keen to precede development in the upcoming years. Current standards and solutions have to be challenged and redefined.


Dependability & Trustworthiness, i.e. availability, reliability, safety and security, integrity, maintainability, as well as privacy for cyber physical systems, especially highly automated/adaptable ones. This subsumes functional safety, cybersecurity, fail operational scenarios, cryptography, authentication and verification of (non-)functional properties of hardware and software components and systems.

Embedded Software for CPS

Distributed stringent real-time applications) high computing complexity, dependability, low latency, ultra-low power applications, distributed software systems, usability, efficient control algorithms. Embedded intelligence makes the power of electronics useful for many applications ranging from vehicles, test systems to smart homes of intelligent production systems.

Architecture & Tools

Frameworks (software components for communication, security, hardware abstraction, multicore support), verification and validation tools, smart system development methods, adhoc dynamic software reconfiguration.

Sensor Modules/Systems

Highly integrated sensor systems – you do not see them, feel them, smell them, but they are there to generate data. They are operating in a self-sufficient ways and just forward the information securely that they are generating. Miniaturization, ideal 3 dimensional packages, sensor fusion, signal optimization are keen.

HF Electronics & Communications

High frequency communication and RFID