AT&S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik AG

AT&S is the global market leader for high-end printed circuit boards and one of the globally leading manufacturers of IC substrates. AT&S industrializes leading-edge technologies for its core business segments Mobile Devices, Automotive, Industrial, Medical and Advanced Packaging.

279 patents, a R&D quota of 7.4% and an innovation revenue rate higher than 35% are proof for the innovative spirit of AT&S.

By combining the core business with new technologies and entering a next level in the value chain, AT&S is developing from a PCB manufacturer to an interconnect solution provider, thus creating a sustainable growth and positioning for future market opportunities. By providing innovative solutions, the company acts as enabler for future technologies like 5G networks, IoT, autonomous driving or artificial intelligence.

AT&S has a global presence, with production facilities in Austria (Leoben and Fehring) and plants in India (Nanjangud), China (Shanghai, Chongqing) and Korea (Ansan, near Seoul). The company employed an average of about 10,000 people in the financial year 2018/19.

Role and Key Contribution

  • By entering new levels of the value chain, AT&S is developing from a PCB supplier to an interconnect solution Provider
  • Partnerships and cooperation in R&D with international universities and research institutes are key for AT&S to stay on the edge of technological developments
  • AT&S spends more than 7% of its annual revenues on R&D and is an enabler for future technologies
  • AT&S is committed to highest quality standards
Fabriksgasse 13
8700 Leoben, Austria