Infineon Technologies Austria AG

nfineon Technologies Austria is Infineon`s globally leading competence unit for power semiconductors. It draws on synergies in R&D expertise, manufacturing excellence and global business responsibility to drive the company`s success worldwide.


Infineon Austria holds worldwide manufacturing, R&D and business responsibilities for Infineon. It distinguishes itself as Infineon`s globally leading centre of competence for power semiconductors. More than 3000 employees, of which around 1050 drive advancement through R&D activities, contribute to Infineon`s worldwide success at the Villach, Klagenfurt, Graz, Linz and Vienna sites. Their expertise and business excellence ensures Infineon`s profound system-, development-, engineering- and manufacturing intellectual property.

Role and Key Contribution

Infineon Technologies Austria AG is committed to fully support the goals of the ECSEL Austria platform. Main contributions are:

  • Develop and enrich the Austrian micro/nano electronic eco system
  • Actively support the ECSEL Austria platform by taking leadership roles
  • Collaborate with Austrian partners in various projects and initiatives
  • Contribute to master the Grand Societal Challenges in Europa
Siemensstraße 2
9500 Villach, Austria