Materials Center Leoben Forschungs GmbH

The MCL is specialized in materials, their design, manufacturing, processing, and applications. Research and services are focused on steel, metals, ceramics, and tools, as well as on materials for microelectronics including advanced nanomaterials.

The MCL is the leading Austrian institution in the field of applied Materials Science with about 170 highly trained experts. MCL is the coordinator of the COMET K2 Center on "Integrated research in Materials, Processing and Product Engineering (MPPE)” which focuses on the application of advanced materials along the whole value chain including materials design, materials development and processing, fabrication of components, and their behaviour in service.

Role and Key Contribution

  • Nanosensors & Multi-Sensor Systems: Development of multifunctional nanomaterials for chemical sensors, energy harvesting, and energy storage systems; heterogeneous integration on CMOS devices.
  • 3D-System Integration, Packaging & Reliability: Thermo-electro-mechanical behaviour, tools and models for load- and lifecycle analysis, co-design approaches for reducing product development time.
  • Materials characterization: State of the Art equipment for analysis from nano- to microscale (HR-TEM, HR-SEMs, REM-FIB, AFM, KPFM in SEM), SAM and nano-CT for non-destructive failure analysis of thin films and 3D-integrated devices and packages.
Roseggerstrasse 12
8700 Leoben, Austria