Mission Embedded GmbH

Mission Embedded GmbH is a leading expert in developing tailor-made embedded systems. Over 60 employees contribute a wide range of specialised skills in system engineering, real-time and low-power systems, AI, safety & security, communication technologies, computer vision, and explosion-proof systems.

Mission Embedded develops and supplies highly reliable embedded systems for professional applications in safety-critical areas such as railway, special vehicles, industry, medical technology, and air traffic control. Our high-quality tailor-made solutions enable our customers to turn their innovation projects into reality within the shortest possible time. All phases of the product life cycle are covered – from conception and system design to production, certification, and life-cycle services.

Our core topics:

  • Sensor integration, processing, and sensor fusion
  • Computer Vision systems
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning/deep learning
  • Secure and reliable wireless communication
  • Low-power and high-performance embedded systems
  • Embedded Linux, Software Application development
  • Safety, security & product approval
  • Integration with cloud technologies

We are specialists with a mission. More precisely, we are a skillfully assembled team of highly qualified and experienced experts in software, hardware, and project management. Our team members are well attuned to one another and trained to find and eliminate weaknesses. Granted: This sounds a bit martial, but it reflects quite well the passion and perseverance with which we develop mission-critical applications. That’s what we do best.

Role and Key Contribution

Mission Embedded’s contribution to ECSEL-Austria can be derived from our research strategy:

  • A mission to provide research & development, production, and marketing of mission-critical and dependent embedded systems.
  • Central aspects of the research strategy are the expansion of innovation leadership by researching innovative methods and procedures for the development of safe and reliable embedded systems and their integration in higher-level solutions.
  • Our strong focus in R&D and successful collaborations with both industry and academia allow the transfer of knowledge and technology within and between different sectors.
Gutheil-Schoder-Gasse 8-12
1100 Wien, Austria