TU Graz - Institute of Microwave and Photonic Engineering

The Institute of Microwave and Photonic Engineering is an institute at the Graz University of Technology. The focus of the research performed at the Institute is on radio frequency identification technologies, antennas & filters, millimeter wave technologies, optical communications, and radar & microwave propagation.

The Institute of Microwave and Photonic Engineering provides profound expertise knowledge in the design and analysis of wireless transmission systems in the microwave and photonic domains. Another focus of the Institute lies in the characterization, the design, and the modelling of microwave and millimetre wave components, such as antennas, filters and transitions. Overall system design for communication and radar applications is another area of research. A state-of-the-art microwave and millimetre wave laboratory with spacious cleanroom facilities and an anechoic chamber enable proactive innovation and cooperative research activities.

Role and Key Contribution

  • Microwave engineering expertise: microwave circuit design; radio frequency system design; on-wafer integrated circuit characterization over temperature; broadband, non-linear measurements; RFID circuit; filter, antenna, and system design, etc.
  • Consulting and measurement services: development of radar systems e.g. for traffic surveillance and detection of natural hazards; weather radar data processing; radar target emulation and simulation; design and implementation of optical data links; etc.
  • Comprehensive R&D infrastructure: class 10.000 clean room, 300mm automated wafer prober (110GHz), generic microwave measurement equipment, anechoic chamber with two scanners (400MHz to 6GHz); diversity and multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) measurements, etc.
Inffeldgasse 12/451
8010 Graz, Austria