TU Wien - Institute of Computer Engineering

The Institute of Computer Engineering's research and teaching activities focus on the area of cyberphysical systems and dependable embedded systems. Our activities are at the heart of the primary research area Computer Engineering of the Faculty of Informatics at the Technical University Vienna.

Our institute’s research activities integrate computer science, discrete and continuous systems theory, and microelectronics in a holistic approach. Major research areas are hybrid systems, realtime systems, fault‐tolerant distributed algorithms, and dependable digital circuit architectures.

Particular research activities range from formal/mathematical modeling and analysis over SW/HW architectures to microcontroller programming and FPGA/VLSI design. With respect to teaching, the Institute of Computer Engineering is mainly involved in the Master and Bachelor curricula Technische Informatik (Computer Engineering), which offer a profound scientifictechnological education in our fields of expertise.

Role and Key Contribution

  • Modeling, analysis and control of complex dynamical systems
  • Model checking, runtime verification, and abstract interpretation
  • Software and systems engineering
  • Hybrid systems: computation and control
  • Logic and automata theory
  • Worst case execution time
  • Time predictable architectures (HW + SW)
Treitlstrasse 3/3
1040 Wien, Austria