Young Academics - Winner's Awards 2022


The ESBS-Austria technology platform supported 3 Master's theses on the topic "Electronics and Software based Systems" with focus on "Digital Souvereignty" this year. The expert jury chose the following 3 theses as best and rewarded each with a financial contribution of €2.000,-.

1. "Influence of cure-induced shrinkage of pre-impregnated woven glass fiber fabrics on the temperature- and direction-dependent deformation of composites measured by digital image correlation" - Ms. Maike Sagerer, Montan Universität Leoben 
2. "Inline Monitoring of Thermal Resistances for LED Packages" - Mr. Michael Töfferl, University of Technology Graz
3. "Fault injection in Analog, Digital and RF Blocks within a FMCW Radar using SystemC" - Mr. Michael Gramüller, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria - Campus Wels

The official awarding of the winners took place on the occasion of the ESBS-Austria fall conference 'Energy efficiency enabled by ESBS' on 19 October 2022 at Palais Palffy in Vienna. Mr. Stefan Rohringer, Chairman ESBS-Austria, presented the winners and personally handed over the awards to Ms. Maike Sagerer (represented by her supervisor Ms. Julia Zündel) and Mr. Michael Töfferl as well as to Mr. Michael Gramüller.

Once more - our warmest congratulations!