ESBS-Austria @ Chips JU Information Day Italy 2024

The EU Chips offers a unique opportunity for European companies and research organizations to establish themselves as leaders in the global semiconductor market. The recent 'Chips JU 2024 Information day' held in Rome on March 6 provided valuable insights into the new vision and strategy outlined by the CHIPS ACT/CHIPS JU and the upcoming calls expected in 2024.


Key highlights from the event included presentations on the upcoming Chips JU calls by Manager Director Chips JU Jari Kinaret, as well as insights into the Italian submission for "Pilot Line 02- Advanced semiconductor devices based on Wide Bandgap materials" and the establishment of the CHIPS-IT foundation presented by Prof. Enrico Sangiorgi (UNI Bologna).The ECS-SRIA, as illustrated by Paolo Azzoni (INSIDE industrial association), introduced significant updates focusing on sustainability, pilot lines, and enhancements in design platforms, link:  .

Additionally, activities planned for ESBS Austria were outlined by Cristina De Luca (Silicon Austria Labs) and Francesca Flamigni (TTTech), including an overview of the topics ‘initiative’ of the Pilot Lines for WBG (PL 04 - Coordinator CNR-Italy) and Advanced Silicon Technologies on Fully Depleted Insulator (PL-02 Coordinator CEA-LETI France), together with the preparation of the Austrian Competence Centre.

For the ‘non-initiative’ side, notable projects like HAL4SDV, winner of Call 2023, and the upcoming HORIZON-Chips 2024-1-IA-T3 Focus topic on 'Service Oriented Framework for the Software Defined Vehicle of the future', were highlighted.

Furthermore, THE AUTONOMOUS main event will be held in Vienna on 23-24 September, 2024 aiming to foster collaboration to address safety challenges in the autonomous mobility industry.

In conclusion, it is emphasised that the Chips JU will foster an ecosystem comprising industries, universities, research organisations and SMEs, leveraging strengths to address critical future semiconductor challenges in an increasingly complex and demanding society. Representatives of the Italian Public Authorities confirmed in the Round Table their commitment to support Italian R&I activities in the field of semiconductors.

Special thanks to the organisers of the event and especially to Livio Baldi (Chips Mirror Group Italy) and the hosting organization Confindustria.

Very special thanks to Cristina de Luca and Francesca Flamigni for repesenting ESBS-Austria at the event!