ECSEL - Italy Day 2022

This online event, held on January 26, 2022, gathered more than 100 participants from the Italian community for presentations on the new KDT JU calls and national rules. Livio Baldi, president of the ECSEL Mirror Group Italy, made an introduction highlighting the great results in terms of participation of Italian partners to the ECSEL programme in H2020. He also acted as moderator for the whole event.


Prof. Francesco Ubertini from the University of Bologna presented the newly built Bologna Technopole, a computing and technology hub which will host the supercomputer Leonardo. It aspires to become one of the top five in the world and the most powerful for artificial intelligence and will be able to perform 250 million billion operations per second, making Italy a reference point for the computing needs of research and of the European industry.

Dr. Yves Gigase from the KDT JU Office presented the 2021 calls and explained the differences in the application process and required documents. It is worth noting his encouragement to also present proposals with a small consortium. The next call (2022) will open in spring and a brokerage event will be organized in May.

With respect to the Italian national regulations and funding support, both the Ministry for University and Research and the Ministry for Economic Development presented the status of the legislation to support KDT JU, the funding available in 2021 and some hints about future calls.

Paolo Azzoni, Head of European Technology Programs at EuroTech, presented the ECS SRIA (Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda) for 2021 and the changes that are ongoing for 2022 based on the feedback from the community, the European Commission and a series of thematic workshops that took place during the last year.

Finally, the ECSEL- Sweden and ECSEL-Austria Mirror Groups were presented. ECSEL-Austria highlighted the focus of its group on securing Europe’s leadership position in electronics- based systems and presented a long list of planned activities, including events, cooperations with other national and international initiatives, contributions to strategic agenda definitions, and much more.

Dr. Francesca Flamigni, Innovation Manager at the TTTech Group, particularly highlighted the contribution of the ECSEL-Austria network to support Infineon, AT&S and NXP in the IPCEI on microelectronics, which started in April 2021, and the collaboration with The Autonomous platform which aims to bring together the world’s major mobility stakeholders to shape the future of safe autonomous mobility.

Special thanks to Dr. Flamigni for repesenting ECSEL-Austria at the event!
(photo credit: TTTECH)