ESBS-Austria Conference: Sustainability and ESBS

Review of the successful spring event


This year's ESBS-Austria successful spring event  took place at ams-OSRAM AG in Premstätten and attracted approximately 50 participants of the Austrian ESBS-community. Under the motto ‚ESBS essential for sustainability‘ the conference focused on the contributions of electronics and software-based systems to the topic of sustainability.

The Green Tech Cluster introduced itself and provided information about the requirements and expectations of Green Tech for ESBS. Where does ESBS already offer solutions? Where are there opportunities to work out new solutions together? Under moderation of Stefan Rohringer, these and other exciting questions were up for panel discussion with Marina Hornasek-Metzl (AT&S AG), Anton Köck (Materials Center Leoben), Stephan Puxkandl (Ebner Group) and Markus Simbürger (Green Tech Cluster).

Recent, first hand information on the European strategy (European Chips Act) was provided by Ana Almansa (FFG), Thomas Saghi (BMAW) and Evangelos Meles (EC, online). 

Regarding the national strategic positioning, the FEEI position paper was presented by Klaus Bernhardt and the ESBS-Austria technical position paper officially released. 

The following KDT projects were presented: 

  • Intelligent Reliability 4.0 (iRel40) by Mostafa Moonir Shawrav (ams-OSRAM-AG)
  • Tristan and Isolde (RISC V) by Marcus Borrmann (NXP)
  • Software-defined vehicle (SDV) by Michael Paulweber (AVL List)
  • RISC V – Opportunities for Austria by Michael Jerne (NXP)

News on the SRIA 2024 (Paolo Azzoni, Inside-IA), KDT/Chips-JU (Yves Gigase, KDT JU) and an IPCEI – ME Status Report presented by Marcus Borrmann, Hannes Voraberger-AT&S, and Martin Mischitz (Infineon Austria) posed further programme highlights.

Last, but not least - Peter Caldera, retiring in 2023, was honoured for his essential contributions from the beginning of the "Austrian contribution" to ENIAC and ECSEL-Austria respectively ESBS-Austria!

A big THANK YOU to ams-OSRAM AG for hosting the event! Special  thanks to Karin Ronijak and Stefanie Hochstrasser for all their efforts and contributions to a successful event!

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Photocredits: Sarah Raiser Fotografie