Growth, innovation and partnerships

A study carried out in 2020 proves by way of four examples of industrial companies what advantages and added value the funding of research and development programs generates for the Austrian economy.


How and in what way do ECSEL-funded R&D programs have an impact?

ECSEL Programs enable entry into the new and important technological fields of the future.

What defines a technological breakthrough? To make something possible that previously appeared to be impossible. The development of forward-looking technologies for a company is often associated with a high risk. The path from an innovative idea to a market-ready product is long and accompanied by high costs and numerous challenges.  ECSEL Programs help overcome obstacles and minimize risks thus strengthening the Austrian business landscape.

The study "ECSEL-funded projects and their impact: Case studies of Austrian companies” from 2020 shows which positive effects can be achieved if mutual targets are strived for on a European level. Four case studies show what added value the funding of research activities can generate.

The comprehensive study can be downloaded from here.


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